About Us

Macs Amour was created as most things in my life manifest themselves, for my children. I have always loved to bake, and every year my children look forward to the day I ask, "What kind of birthday cake do you want this year? We have had some crazy, beautiful, and inventive cakes! Quarantine and my daughter's love of macarons led me on this journey of learning to make them.

I learned the three methods of macaron baking and slowly started to figure out what I preferred and which shell and process I liked the most. I love making them. I think they are truly so unique and delicious. They are a blank canvas for both flavor and design. I use the Italian method to make my macarons. Hot sugar syrup is used to form a sturdy and exceptionally smooth shell. Sure, the French take credit for them, but Google Catherine De'Medici and macarons for an interesting read!

When I talk to people about them, they have either never tried them or love them. They are often confused with macaroons, the coconut cookie. Once they try them, they are just amazed at the decadence and delicious flavor. I hope you love them too. Macarons are sweet, fragile little things, so handle with care, keep them refrigerated until you are ready to eat them, and Enjoy! Thank you for supporting our dream.
Love and Macs- Mary