What does Macs Amour mean?
Macs Amour is short for Macaron Love, in French :)

What is a macaron?
Macaron- (mack-ah-rahn)  a meringue cookie made from almond flour, egg whites, and sugar. Also known as “Macs” Macaron shells are gluten free
*Not to be confused with macaroon, that splendid coconut mound of goodness.

How do I store and serve my macarons?
For best results, our products should be kept refrigerated in an air tight container, and consumed within 5-7 days. They can also be frozen for up to 4 weeks. If you will be storing them in a refrigerator, please allow approximately 10-15 minutes to reach room temperature or 30 minutes if coming from the freezer. Keep macarons in their airtight container while coming to room temperature from the freezer to avoid condensation.

What is a macaron filled with?
Macaron shells are plain meringue cookies with a crisp shell and soft chewy middle. When filled and left to "mature," the filling is absorbed into the shell, combining the flavors and creating that unique macaron texture and taste.

Flavor profiles can range from sweet to savory. Jams, nuts, cakes, cookies, pretty much anything can be added to a macaron to enhance the flavor. The two most common fillings are buttercream and ganache:
Buttercream- butter, sugar, and cream. Syrups, jams, extracts, and additions such as candy or cake can be added for dynamic flavor and texture combination in a sweet, frosting filling.
Ganache- White, dark, or milk chocolate blended with heavy cream. Flavors and colors can be added, and the mixture cools to a delicious, rich, and creamy filling. Ganaches can also be whipped into lighter fluffier fillings.

What in the world is a Cook-aron?
The insane blending of traditional baked cookies stuffed with a macaron. Wait, what? 

What is a macaron cake?
Three layers of 4" large macaron shells filled with buttercream, ganache, fruit, jams, candy, meringues, cookies...the sky's the limit. Create a one of kind, visually stunning dessert. 

Do you take custom orders?
Yes! Choose your colors, flavors, or hand-painted Art Macs for weddings, showers, birthdays, or any special event. There is a two-dozen minimum on custom macaron orders and please place your order at least two weeks before it is needed. You can add a custom order to your cart and checkout, and we will reach out to discuss the details of your order. For large ,event orders we ask that you place them at least one month in advance, preferably more.